Day 24: Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Today was another long travelling day to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. On our way we passed through a very small town called Blönduós and had to stop to take a pic of this church. We are discovering that Iceland is the country of unusual and cool church designs – as you will also see later in this post.

Our first main stop was a picturesque little maritime town called Stykkishólmur which has the aforementioned cool church – Stykkishólmskirkja. One odd thing we noted was that the speed limit in town is 35km/h – kind of an odd speed to keep to.

A view of the mountains and their colours as we left Stykkishholmur

On a whim we turned down a tourist road early in the evening before we reached our accommodation. We dissevered Rauðfeldur Canyon –  a steep and narrow canyon that cleaves the cliff wall. We climbed into the initial part but were stopped by large pieces of ice. The light inside had am eerie cinematic quality – as seen in the pics we took.



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