Day 26: The road back to Reykjavík

Today it was goodbye to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

We entered Snæfellsjökull National Park and its narrow winding road up to Sönghellir (“Singing cave”), known for its echoes. It provided shelter for travellers and contains a lot of graffiti dating back centuries! We drove as far as we could up the mountain but the road was snowed in so we enjoyed the view and negotiated the grey hair inducing road back down.

Ye Olde Graffiti

This was one blind hill…

More amazing colours in the landscape

Next was a stop at Budir with its lovely old church and we took a stroll down down near the beach – this time with golden coloured sand.

Look at the colour of this lichen on the grey volcanic rock!

After we checked into our accommodation at Reykjavík we took the ‘must do’ trip out to the Blue Lagoon thermal baths. A very well run operation and very popular. Enjoyed the pummelling waterfall which provided a good shoulder massage and also floated about with our faces caked in silica mud (apparantly very good for the skin).



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