Day 28: Oslo

Back to Oslo for a day of exploring. As we went in search of some breakfast, we encountered hordes of Star Trek, Manga and Science Fiction garbed people – from what we gathered was some sort of geek convention. Hey, we are geeks too so full respect for their dedication. Some attendees went to great lengths to look the part!

We found some breakfast in a very old school style building – sort of like the Strand Arcade – and were certainly amused to see this sculpture although I did decline a holiday snap next to this most tasteful artwork.

I did have a Norwegian favorite at the cafe – brown cheese on a fruit roll –  I’ll try not to make any other comment than to say it tastes much better than it sounds.

Next we walked to the Edvard Munch Museum where there were multiple layers of security – kind of Get Smart Style. We understood this after we read that The Scream was stolen not once, but twice, in addition to another masterpiece (all were recovered thankfully).

There was a great selection of work here, and the recently restored ‘Puberty’. Below are some images of our favorites. For me, Munch has an amazing way of portraying the human condition, and these paintings certainly had an effect on me.

The rest of the day we spent wandering about Grünerløkka, full of hip cafes, bars and boutiques. It started to pour with rain and we hastily retreated into the cafe nearest to us and were rewarded with a yum lunch, a far cry from our potato chips on a roll dinner last night as we arrived way too late for any decent food places to be open.

I love the retro fit-out of this place

Tomorrow is our last day in Oslo before flying home – see you soon!




One thought on “Day 28: Oslo

  1. Yvonne and Anthony Cleaver says:

    I felt quite sad that I would not have another Iceland treat but the good thing is that I will soon see you both again. Love the graffiti shot and the colour of the blue lake is beautiful.
    Still puzzling over the mystery photo but at a guess the pink looks like material and the grey section looks like rock patterns with snow. Whatever it is it looks great. Oslo certainly gives a very different pace to Iceland. Munch always excites the senses.

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