Day 29: Oslo – where the adventure ends

Oh so sad….our last day as we fly out of Oslo this afternoon starting our epic trek home (three flights in total including hours in between at various airports).

After another carb-fuelled breakfast we went on our way and first stopped at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. There were two exhibitions, including work by Arne and Carlos, who do very quirky knitwear and fashion. I had never heard of them before but now I’m a fan – I really want one of those space invaders jumpers!

We also visited the National Museum, a bit damp as we got caught in quite heavy rain (our first since we arrived here luckily). The place was packed due to said weather but some great work – the Munch room was predictably the most popular, with another version of The Scream on display.

The storm clouds gather!

That was all we really had time for before dashing back to collect our bags – now for the marathon journey, not looking forward to this. Couldn’t we just move Australia a bit closer – even just temporarily??

See you Scandinavia!



One thought on “Day 29: Oslo – where the adventure ends

  1. Yvonne and Anthony Cleaver says:

    Loved the blog from beginning to end. The knitwear looks really cool!

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